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Business Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois & Wisconsin

We represent a wide variety of businesses including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. From start-up to winding-up, we provide full service to our clients. Here are some examples of companies we helped organize and continue to represent. Because we practice in both Illinois and Wisconsin, Lakelaw can be particularly helpful to firms in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin who operate both in Illinois and Wisconsin.

  • Limited liability company for franchise restaurant operator
  • Limited liability companies for home-builders and remodeling companies
  • Corporation for wholesale clothing distributor
  • Limited liability companies for real estate investor and developer designed not only for business organization but also asset protection purposes
  • Limited liability company to buy businesses in the nursing home industry
  • Limited liability company to acquire “Curves” franchise
  • Tax-exempt organizations for an amateur radio club, a youth soccer foundation and several Mexican-American social clubs
  • Limited Liability Company for a landscape architect which bought the going concern of a landscaping firm
  • Limited Liability Company for a residential and commercial mortgage broker
  • Limited Liability Company which invests in other businesses throughout the company, such as plastic extruders and manufacture of catamaran boats.

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