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Lakelaw represents people and businesses.  Lakelaw does not represent banks.  We collect debts only for people and businesses.  We at Lakelaw believe that offensive and abusive practices by lenders are outrageous.  We think that people and businesses should fight back.  And we want you to know that there are many tools available to you.

You are protected against unfair credit reporting practices by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  A creditor can’t act to hurt your credit based on untrue statements.  You have the right to correct the record.  If the creditor won’t correct the record, you have the right to sue and collect damages and attorneys’ fees.

You are protected against unfair, abusive, dishonest or undignified efforts by debt collectors in their effort to collect consumer debts.  You have the right not to be insulted, sworn at, called late at night or early at the morning.  You have the right not to be incessantly called by a robotic device to your cell phone.  You have the right to be free from harassment from creditors to your place or business or to your friends, family or relatives.  You have the right not to be lied to about going to jail or getting arrested because you have not paid your credit card debt.  If something like this happens to you, we can sue the debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and recover damages and attorneys’ fees.

We can defend against mortgage foreclosures.  A foreclosure summons does not mean that you will automatically lose your home. It does not mean that you will immediately lose your home. While Lakelaw can’t get you a “free home”, Lakelaw can raise all defenses and counterclaims to which you are legally entitled.  You might be able to maintain possession of your home for a long time.  You might be able to negotiate a favorable loan modification agreement.  You may be able to recover damages if the mortgage company or mortgage servicer has behaved illegally under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), the Illinois Consumer Fraud or Deceptive Business Practices Act, the Wisconsin Uniform Deceptive Acts and Practices Act or a wide array of other consumer protection statutes in Illinois or Wisconsin as the case might be.

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