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Our client specialized in making highly sophisticated electronic equipment. The founder was brilliant, but was easily distracted. He found it hard to focus on the details of his business. As a result, he was unable to control its costs and was facing financial ruin. Moreover, his personal life was in a shambles and his wife was threatening to divorce him. Here’s what our Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys did:

  • Hired turnaround consultant to do a complete analysis of the business strengths and weaknesses within 30 days
  • Hired chief operating officer with strong financial background from an accounting firm we knew who got costs and procedures under control
  • Lined up a bank line of credit in order to support a chapter 11 reorganization effort
  • Filed a chapter 11 reorganization case in order to prevent foreclosure and lawsuits from putting company out of business
  • Negotiated settlement of unsecured claims with creditors’ committee whereby creditors received close to 60% on their claims over 3 years from future profits.

After confirmation of its plan of reorganization, the company was highly successful. One of the company’s largest competitors bought the company at a very handsome price.

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