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Homeowners fighting foreclosure want to keep their homes. The “Holy Grail” is the mortgage modification. Unfortunately, mortgage modifications, whether through the Obama mortgage modification program, the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, (HAMP), the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) or private non-HAMP or non-HARP mortgage modification agreements are all too rare and all too few.

Even worse, too many mortgage modification firms promise results that they can’t deliver. Never pay a mortgage modification firm an upfront fee. You can get help from a HUD approved agency, which can be found at At LakeLaw, our Chicago foreclosure lawyers will defend your case. If we are successful in your foreclosure defense, we might avoid a deficiency judgment against you. An attorney might also be able to negotiate a favorable modification to your mortgage. Law firms are not subject to regulation as a mortgage modification firm in either Illinois or Wisconsin.

Beware of anyone who promises you too much when defending against mortgage foreclosure.

Remember, mortgage servicers don’t want to modify your loan. They want to foreclose.  They make more money by foreclosing than modifying. Mortgage modification costs servicers money. Don’t believe anyone who tells you anything different.

The Waukegan bankruptcy attorneys at LakeLaw have mediation experience. In 2009, LakeLaw became the only private law firm in Wisconsin to receive funding from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) to fight foreclosures. We’ve done so by advising clients across the state about their legal rights and responsibilities. We’ve also presented training sessions throughout Wisconsin to other attorneys and attended dozens of mediations in Milwaukee and Waukesha County on behalf of local homeowners.

When the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin was creating a pilot program with similar guidelines, they asked that LakeLaw appear along with other law firms providing guidance on the language and structure of the program.

Our Waukegan bankruptcy attorneys focus on two main avenues of financial freedom: consumer bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. LakeLaw can provide separate guidance on fighting the foreclosures. We can also appear on your behalf at the Kenosha/Racine mediations, providing advice and guidance through a complicated process against local and national banks.

Please call us at (262) 694-7300 to learn how we can help. We have two convenient Wisconsin offices to serve you.

Chicago Foreclosure Lawyers

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