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Tag: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can save your house from an Illinois Tax Deed or an Illinois Tax Sale

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy and Taxes, Chapter 13, Illinois

So many of our bankruptcy clients fear losing their house to mortgage foreclosure.  We have done a good […]

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I’m filing bankruptcy – do I have to consider my spouse’s income? “It’s complicated.”

Posted on Feb 20, 2014 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

If you are filing for bankruptcy, either under chapter 7 or chapter 13, your income matters.  Why?  People […]

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New Supreme Court Case on Determining Chapter 13 Payments – Hamilton v Lanning

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in Chapter 13, Illinois, Wisconsin

The Supreme Court has finally told us how to figure out how much you need to pay in […]

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I’m Filing for Bankruptcy – Should I Keep My House?

Posted on Feb 7, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home

These days, many people find that their home is worth a lot less than the balance due on […]

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Don’t ignore a Wisconsin Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint

Posted on Jan 11, 2009 in Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Wisconsin

Wisconsin homeowners must respond immediately when they get a foreclosure complaint.

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Citibank supports Senate Bill 61 to allow Loan Modifications to Home Mortgages

Posted on Jan 9, 2009 in Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Uncategorized

Legislation to allow Bankruptcy Judges to modify mortgage loans got a big boost when Citibank announced that, with some changes, it would support using Chapter 13 to modify home mortgages.

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Congress responding to foreclosure – Loan Modifications in Chapter 13

Posted on Jan 6, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home

Congress has proposed important changes to Chapter 13 which, if enacted, will help thousands of Americans keep their homes. Write your Congressman and Senators – TODAY – to support this very important legislation! Tell them you want them to support S. 61 and HR 200.

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