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Lakelaw Continues to Lead the Way in Foreclosure Mediation

Posted by Ryan Blay on June 28th, 2011 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Modifications, Wisconsin, , , , , ,

     Lakelaw has mediation experience. In 2009, Lakelaw became the only private law firm in Wisconsin to receive funding from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) to fight foreclosures. We’ve done so by advising clients across the state about their legal rights and responsibilities, presented training sessions throughout Wisconsin to other attorneys, and attended dozens of mediations in Milwaukee and Waukesha County on behalf of local homeowners.
     When the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin was creating a pilot program with similar guidelines, they asked that Lakelaw appear along with other law firms providing guidance on the language and structure of the program.
Lakelaw focuses on two main avenues of financial freedom: consumer bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. Lakelaw can provide separate guidance on fighting the foreclosures. We can also appear on your behalf at the Kenosha/Racine mediations, providing advice and guidance through a complicated process against local and national banks.
      Please visit our website at, or call (262) 694-7300 to learn more about us and our values. We have two convenient Wisconsin offices to serve you.

6905 Green Bay Road, Suite 101
Kenosha, WI 53142
On Green Bay Road in Kenosha, just north of Route 50.

740 North Plankinton Avenue, Suite 210
Milwaukee, WI 53203
In the River Bank Plaza Building between Wells and Wisconsin,
Located near the Shops at Grand Avenue

How do I contact my mortgage company to get a loan modification agreement?

Posted by David Leibowitz on April 7th, 2009 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Mortgage Modifications, Uncategorized, , ,

It’s not easy to contact a mortgage servicer.  They say they want to help you get a loan modification agreement.  But first, you have to find them.  Here’s a handy list of phone numbers.  Hopefully, this will help you on your way.  And if you need more help, call Lakelaw at 1 866 LAKELAW instead of the mortgage modification company scammers that the United States Department of Justice and Attorneys General around the company are trying to shut down


  • ABN Amro Mortgage Loss Mitigation:
    Customer Service: 800-793-8900
  • Accredited Home Lenders          (877) 683-4446
  • AMC Mortgage Services (Ameriquest and Argent)          (800) 211-6926
  • America’s Servicing Company     800-662-3806

  • American General       770-614-6005
  • American Home Mortgage Servicing. (877) 304-3100
  • Aurora Loan Services Home Retention Dept.: 866-519-1456 – 800-550-0508
  • AmTrust (888) 696-4444
  • Avelo Mortgage LLC 866 992 8356
  • Bank of America:
     Loss Mitigation: 800-846-2222 or 716-635-2000
    Authorization Fax: 716-635-7265
    Short Sale Package Fax: 716-635-7255
  • Bank of New York Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 212-495-1784
    Fax: 212-415-2035
  • BB&T  Mortgage  800-827 3722
  • Benefical (800) 333-5848
  • Carrington Mortgage Services – 800 477 0192 (option 2) or 800 561 4567
  • Cendant Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 800-750-2518
    Fax: 856-917-8334 
  • Central Pacific Bank (800) 342-8422
  • Charter One
    CCO Mortgage
    Citizens Bank      (800) 234-6002 0r 877 745 7355
  • Chase (800) 446-8939
    Homeowners Assistance Department (foreclosure)
    Fax: 614-422-7259
    Additional numbers
    Phone: 800-981-3792
    Fax: 858-605-3006
    Phone: 800-526-0072
    Phone: 800-527-3040 ext. 533 

    Phone: 800-848-9136 (Mortgage)
    Phone: 800-836-5656 (Home Equity)
    Phone: 510-652-0401

  • Chevy Chase  Bank   866 391 8688
  • Citi Financial Mortgage (800) 753-3673
    Foreclosure: 800-424-3562
    Dial by extension: 800-888-600 
  • Citimortgage (800) 283-7918
    Loss Mitigation: 800-682-2286
    Foreclosure: 877-202-3846
    Loss Mitigation: 866-357-6015
    Loss Mitigation Fax: 248-488-7727
    Workout Fax: 248-488-8357
    Loss Mitigation: 866-357-0614
    First American: 800-511-1278
    Workout Fax: 636-256-2884 
  • Citi – all entities – Loss Mitigation:  800-422-1498
  • Countrywide (800) 262-4218 or 800 669 6607
  • Ditech (800) 852-0656
  • Downey Financial Corp. (800) 824-6902
  • EMC (800) 723-3004 0r 888 577 4011 (Loss mitigation)
  • Equity One (866) 361-3460|
  • Fairbanks Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 888-818-6032
    Fax: 904-232-4607 
  • Fifth/Third Bank  800-375-1745 (option 3) Loss Mitigation
  • First Franklin (Home Loan Services/NationPoint) 800 622 5035 (Loss mitigation)
  • First Horizon Home Loans  – Loss Mitigation 1st Mortgage – 800 707-9988 x 33805
    Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 800-707-0139 — ext. 17305 
  • First Horizon Home Loans -
    Loss Mitigation 2nd Mortgage - 800 396 6184
  • Flagstar Bank    800 968 7700 ext 9780
  • Fremont Investment & Loan  866 484 2901
  • GMAC Mortgage  (800) 850-4622
  • GMAC ResCAp (GMAC Mortgage,
    Homecomings, GMAC Bank)   800 799 9240 option 5 ext 8743285
    Phone 1: 800-206-2901
    Phone 2: 858-874-7417 
  • GreenPoint Mortgage (Serviced by Countrywide) 800 669 6650
  • Green Tree    (877) 816-9125
  • HSBC all entities -  800 395 3489
    Collection Counselors (if short term problem)
     Phone: 800-338-6441
    Default Resolution Team (if long term problem)
     Phone: 888-648-3124
     Fax: 732-352-7519
  • Home Loan Services, Inc (First Franklin
    Nation Point, National City Bank) 800-622-5035 ext 24267
  • HomEq    877 -867 -7378
  • Home Side Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 904-281-3900
  • Household Finance (800) 333-4489
  • Huntington National Bank (800) 323-4695
  • Huntington Mortgage Group – 800-323-9865
  • Indymac Federal Bank (877) 736-5556
  • Irwin Mortgage Corporation
    Phone: 888-444-6446
    Pre-Foreclosure: 888-218-1988
  • JP Morgan Chase   800-446-8939
  • Litton Loan Servicing (800) 247-9727 – default counseling  (800) 999-8501
    Phone 1: 800-548-8665
    Phone 2: 713-966-8803
    Fax: 713-966-8820
  • MERS (not really a servicer but you may need to contact them) (800) 646-6377 – fax (703) 748-0183
  • National City (800) 367-9305 or 800 622 5035
    Phone 1: 800-523-8654
    Phone 2: 937-910-3563
  • Nation Star Mortgage   888-850-9398
  • Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company (800) 3563442
  • New Century Financial (800) 790-9502|
    Phone: 877.206.9904
  • Ocwen Federal Bank (800) 746-2936 or loss mitigation 877-596-8580
  • Ohio Savings Bank (Now Amtrust) 800 860 2025 ext 8917
  • Option One Mortgage Company  888-275-2648
  • PHH Mortgage (Delinquency ) 800 330 0423 (Foreclosure) 800-750-2518
    Phone: 800-257-0460
  • Popular Mortgage Servicing 800 383 2292
  • Prodovis Mortgage Company 888-878-0522 option 5home retention department
  • ResMae Mortgage Corp.   866 794 80444 ext 5944
  • Saxon Mortgage Services  – 888-325-3502 (Delinquent) 800-594-8422 (not delinquent)
    Phone 1: 262-502-6724
    Phone 2: 817-665-6537
    Phone 3: 414-278-8068  


  • Select Portfolio Services  888-349-8968
    Loan Resolution Department: 888-818-6032
    Fax: 801-293-3936
  • Sun Trust Mortgage (800) 634-7928
  • US Bank (800) 365-7900
  • Wachovia Bank (866) 642-8608
  • Washington Mutual (JP Morgan Chase) (866) 926-8937
  • Washington Mutual Bank – loss mitigation – prime 888 926 8937
  • Washington Mutual Bank – loss mitigation – subprime – 888-708-4696 option 2
  • Wells Fargo (800) 766-0987 – loss mitigation 800-275-9254 05 800 416 1472
    Wells Fargo – Loss Mitigation
    Phone: 888-231-0757
    Loss Mitigation: 877-216-8448
    Borrower Assistance: 800-551-9808
    Homeowners in Foreclosure: 800-868-0043 or800-352-7654
  • Wendover Financial Services Loss Mitigation:
    Phone: 888-934-1081
    Phone: 800-436-1022
  • Wilshire Credit Corporation 888-917-1050 
  • Whitney National Bank – Loss Mitigation. Phone: 800-347-7272

These numbers and the identities of the banks and mortgage companies are changing every day.  If you find out any updates, please let us know and we will post them here.

I'm Filing for Bankruptcy – Should I Keep My House?

Posted by David Leibowitz on February 7th, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, , ,

These days, many people find that their home is worth a lot less than the balance due on their mortgages.  Worse, people are out of jobs, in debt and facing foreclosure.  Everyone wants to keep their home.  Can you afford to keep your home?  Under what circumstances?  How do you make that decision?


The first thing to figure out is your income and expenses.  It’s a good idea to limit your housing expenses to about 1/3 of what’s left over after payroll deductions.  If you are paying too much for housing, you will have a hard time with food, clothing, transportation and other necessary expenses in your life.  And if something unexpected comes up, you’re in trouble again.

Own or Rent?

Compare the cost of ownership of your house to the cost of renting something else in your neighborhood.  If you are reaffirming a mortgage debt or two, it’s like buying your house all over again at the current price.  I would advise against that unless your alternatives are not any better.

Wait for Chapter 13 Reform?

If Congress amends the Bankruptcy Code by adopting HR 200, now passed in the House Judiciary Committee, you’ll have the chance to file a chapter 13 case if your loan is more than your home value, if you are in default, tried to get a loan modification and mortgage foreclosure is threatened.  If you did commit any fraud while getting your loan, you’ll have a chance to have the court rewrite your loan, lower the interest rate, stretch out the term, cure the defaults, eliminate the adjustable mortgage feature and prepayment penalties.  You’ll have to pay all your income after expenses to your creditors for three to five years under the supervision of a trustee.  It may be worth it to you.  But this opportunity is still in the future.  It may be worth waiting for in your case.

What does this mean?

You have a difficult decision.  We’ve helped our clients to make good decisions for 35 years.  We can certainly help you.

Don't ignore a Wisconsin Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint

Posted by David Leibowitz on January 11th, 2009 in Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Wisconsin, , ,

If you live in Wisconsin, listen up!  You cannot ignore a mortgage foreclosure complaint.  If you get served with a summons, you will have 20 days to do something about it.  You need to file an answer or a motion on before those 20 days are up.  You probably need a lawyer like Lakelaw to help you.  If you don’t answer within 20 days, Wisconsin Courts rarely will give you a break.  You will face a judgment of foreclosure right away.  You will lose your house in a matter of months.

These days, there are many defenses available to foreclosure.  Not only that, Lakelaw can help you file a chapter 13 case to protect your house.  And if Congress enacts legislation to amend Chapter 13, you’ll be able to reduce your mortgage to the current value of your house, stretch out the loan for up to 40 years, and possibly reduce the interest rate of your loan to an affordable rate.

So be alert!  If you get served with a summons or a mortgage foreclosure complaint, don’t be scared.  Don’t ignore it.  Don’t delay.  Call Lakelaw at 262.694.7300 and ask for help right away.

Congress responding to foreclosure – Loan Modifications in Chapter 13

Posted by David Leibowitz on January 6th, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, , , ,

Too many homeowners are facing foreclosure in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy won’t help you save your home if you can’t keep up your mortgage payments.  Even Chapter 13 wage earner plans are not so great, especially if your house is worth much less than what you owe.  But help is on the way.  Congress is planning to amend chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.  And President-Elect Obama supports this legislation.  This change will allow a homeowner to lower the amount due on your home mortgage to no more than the current value of your home.  Any excess would be treated as an unsecured claim.  

What does this mean?  Suppose you have a house worth $200,000 today with a $150,000 first mortgage and a $100,000 second mortgage.  As things stand now, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you’d have to pay the entire $150,000 first mortgage and the entire $100,000 second mortgage plus any arrearages to keep your house.  You couldn’t do anything about the interest rates either.

Under the proposed law, you could reduce the second mortgage to $50,000.  You might be able to reduce the interest rates on both mortgages.  And the remaining $50,000 unsecured balance could be paid off under your chapter 13 plan over a period of up to 5 years.  You probably would not have to pay the whole $50,000, but perhaps only a small percentage.

This is a very important change in the law.  It would treat you just like any other property owner.  So PLEASE, contact your Congressman and Senators TODAY.  Tell them you want Chapter 13 amended to protect you and thousands of American homeowners just like you.


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