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Tag: Mortgage Modification

Mortgage Modification Bill Fails in the Senate – Why?

Posted on Jun 3, 2009 in Bankruptcy Legislation, Legislation, Mortgage Modifications

Mortgage modification legislation fails in the Senate because the banks own the place. Here’s the back story.

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How do I contact my mortgage company to get a loan modification agreement?

Posted on Apr 7, 2009 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Mortgage Modifications, Uncategorized

It’s not easy to contact a mortgage servicer. But first, you have to find them. Here’s a handy list of phone numbers. Hopefully, this will help you on your way. Let us know if you have changes or updates.

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Citibank supports Senate Bill 61 to allow Loan Modifications to Home Mortgages

Posted on Jan 9, 2009 in Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Uncategorized

Legislation to allow Bankruptcy Judges to modify mortgage loans got a big boost when Citibank announced that, with some changes, it would support using Chapter 13 to modify home mortgages.

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