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Lakelaw Continues to Lead the Way in Foreclosure Mediation

Posted on Jun 28, 2011 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Modifications, Wisconsin

Lakelaw has mediation experience. In 2009, Lakelaw became the only private law firm in Wisconsin to receive funding […]

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Mortgage Modification Bill Fails in the Senate – Why?

Posted on Jun 3, 2009 in Bankruptcy Legislation, Legislation, Mortgage Modifications

Mortgage modification legislation fails in the Senate because the banks own the place. Here’s the back story.

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Congress responding to foreclosure – Loan Modifications in Chapter 13

Posted on Jan 6, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home

Congress has proposed important changes to Chapter 13 which, if enacted, will help thousands of Americans keep their homes. Write your Congressman and Senators – TODAY – to support this very important legislation! Tell them you want them to support S. 61 and HR 200.

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New Notices to Homeowners in Illinois Foreclosure Cases

Posted on Jan 4, 2009 in Consumer Law, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Legal, Real Estate

A new Illinois statute, effective January 1, 2009, requires that lenders give homeowners special notices in forclosure cases, both in English and Spanish.

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