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Don’t ignore a Wisconsin Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint

Posted on Jan 11, 2009 in Chapter 13, Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin, listen up!  You cannot ignore a mortgage foreclosure complaint.  If you get served with a summons, you will have 20 days to do something about it.  You need to file an answer or a motion on before those 20 days are up.  You probably need a lawyer like Lakelaw to help you.  If you don’t answer within 20 days, Wisconsin Courts rarely will give you a break.  You will face a judgment of foreclosure right away.  You will lose your house in a matter of months.

These days, there are many defenses available to foreclosure.  Not only that, Lakelaw can help you file a chapter 13 case to protect your house.  And if Congress enacts legislation to amend Chapter 13, you’ll be able to reduce your mortgage to the current value of your house, stretch out the loan for up to 40 years, and possibly reduce the interest rate of your loan to an affordable rate.

So be alert!  If you get served with a summons or a mortgage foreclosure complaint, don’t be scared.  Don’t ignore it.  Don’t delay.  Call Lakelaw at 262.694.7300 and ask for help right away.


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