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Bankruptcy – no matter how you spell it!

Posted on Feb 16, 2009 in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a hard word to spell.  It’s  hard word to type.  Some of the forms we have seen include:

  1. Bankrupcie
  2. Bankrupsie
  3. Bankrutpcy
  4. Bankrupse
  5. Bankruptcse
  6. Bankrupty
  7. Bankraptcy
  8. Bancruptsty
  9. Bankrupcy
  10. Bankrupsy
  11. Bakruptcy
  12. Bankrupsy
  13. Bancruptcy
  14. Bancrutpcy

Not only that, it’s a hard word to spell in Spanish too.  The correct spelling is bancarrota.  And in some parts of the Spanish speaking world, it’s quiebra or quiebras.  Of course, in Italian, it’s bancarotta.   Some of the common misspellings in Spanish are:

  1. Bancarota
  2. Bankarota
  3. Bancarrotta

No matter how you spell it, Lakelaw helps people and business file bankrutcpy — oops bankruptcy — cases to help them solve their financial problems.


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