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Mortgage Rescue Fraud Swindles – Homeowner Beware

Posted on Feb 22, 2009 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home

 John Leland, in the New York Times, wrote and interesting article entitled “Swindlers Find Growing Market in Foreclosures.”   Every day, I meet people in Illinois and Wisconsin just like you, so fearful that you will soon lose your home to foreclosure.  You bring me the piles of letters you receive from all kinds of people who say they will “help” you.  

In most cases, they only want to take money from you.  They won’t help you at all.

Here are some facts.

If you get a summons or complaint from the court – it’s not a “letter.”  It is a legal demand in court.  You can’t ignore this.  You have to do something in court.  You need a laywer to do this who specializes in mortgage foreclosure defense.  

You can try to make a modification agreement with a lender. You don’t need a consultant to do this.  There are Not-For-Profit agencies in your community who can help you.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has made a list of approved agencies to call:

Here’s a link to the Illinois list .  

In Illinois, all homeowners have a “Bill of Rights.”   Check them out.

Lakelaw represents people defending their homes against mortgage rescue fraud in Illinois and Wisconsin


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