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Making Home Affordable – How to Get a Real Mortgage Modification

Posted on Mar 19, 2009 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home

There are so many scam mortgage modification companies out there – it’s ridiculous.

If you can get your mortgage company to slow down or stop its mortgage foreclosure case, you may have a fighting chance to get a legitimate mortgage modification now.

The best way to do this is to visit:

This is the official United States “Making Home Affordable” website.  This site will help you determine if you have a mortgage eligible for refinance or modification under the two programs already in existence.

You don’t have to wait until S. 61 – the “Helping Homeowners Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act” passes in Congress.  You can take some steps right now to help yourself.

Of course, you do need to get your mortgage foreclosure to stop.  Lakelaw defends people in Illinois and Wisconsin against mortgage foreclosure.  We can help you with this. 

Don’t pay a mortgage consultant a penny to get the help you need to apply for government sponsored mortgage modifications.  Instead, visit the source:

And while you’re at it, please contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to support S 61 and HR 1106.  Do it now.  Your home may depend upon it.

Click here to contact your Senator and Congressman to support S. 61 and HR 1106.


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