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Bankruptcy isn’t the total solution – another perspective

Posted on Oct 14, 2009 in Bankruptcy, Wisconsin

Today, I met a new client seeking to file a bankruptcy.  She faced moderate debts and also a large installment loan on her car.   She was unemployed.  But the future looks brighter for her.  Why?  This fifty-something client has taken advantage of the time given her during unemployment.  She has been studying at the local technical college in Wisconsin and has learned a new profession.  I’m not going to mention the specifics to protect her privacy.  However, when she graduates from the program, there will be a job waiting for her.  She’ll be able to keep her house thanks to a loan modification agreement – there actually has been one offered to her.  She’ll be able to support herself thanks to her new job.  And thanks to bankruptcy, she’ll enjoy a fresh start and a sound financial footing.  Wisconsin offered this client job retraining support – a fact which can be very useful to know for other Wisconsin clients facing bankruptcy and unemployment in light of factory closings in Kenosha , Racine and Janesville.

We at Lakelaw know that you are hurting.  We at Lakelaw care about your financial future. You can count on us for far more than just a bankruptcy petition.  We’ll work with you from start to finish and beyond to be sure you get the relief you need and deserve and the fresh start to which you are entitled.


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