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Bankruptcy and mortgage defense throughout Illinois and Wisconsin

Posted on Mar 17, 2010 in Illinois, Wisconsin

Lakelaw files bankruptcy cases for people and businesses in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Lakelaw also defends residential and business foreclosures in Illinois and Wisconsin.  We thought we focused on the area from Chicago to Milwaukee. But Illinois and Wisconsin are big states.  People have been calling on us for help from all over Illinois and Wisconsin. So Lakelaw is developing a virtual consumer bankruptcy practice. We didn’t try to. But our clients wanted it. And we’ve responded.

Just today, we served clients from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, Lisle, Illinois, Naperville, Illinois, Lindenhurst, Illinois, Highland Park, Illinois, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin and Rosemont, Illinois.  Not one of these clients actually came to any of our offices.

How did this happen?  Technology.  Our clients find us on the internet.  So we connect with our internet-savvy clients by Skype, Facebook, telephone, and several other channels of communication. We gather information electronically. We offer our clients information through the web as well. We communicate very effectively. Each of these communications lead to our ability to taking on new clients from far and wide.

The distance between our client from the Wisconsin Rapids to our client in Naperville  is 245 miles.  And yesterday, we heard from a client in Effingham, Illinois.  That’s 211 miles south of our Chicago office.

We are grateful that clients throughout Illinois and Wisconsin have found our bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure defense services to their liking.  Through our creative use of modern communications and information channels, we can give you prompt, efficient and personal service whether or not you choose to visit us in our offices.  As always, we thank you for your confidence in us and promise to serve you with Care, Kindness, Courtesy, Respect, Professionalism and Dedication.


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