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Hope for Homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin

Posted on Apr 14, 2010 in Foreclosure - Saving Your Home, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Modifications, Not for Profit Organizations, Real Estate, Wisconsin

                Sometimes when you need the most help, it seems like nobody is willing to take the time and make the effort to assist.  In foreclosure, the mortgage companies often tell their customers that they won’t even consider modifications unless they are months behind.  The largest law firms won’t help because they are too busy profiting from the foreclosure fees given to them by the biggest lenders.  Who does that leave to fight the good fight (besides Lakelaw, of course)?

                One such agency is Housing Resources, Inc.  You can visit their website at or call them at 262-636-8271.  HRI can assist first time homebuyers, and they can assist those struggling through higher than expected mortgage payments, losses of income, and other problems faced by Wisconsin residents in the tough times.

                HRI is a chartered member of NeighborWorks and is one of the few Southeastern Wisconsin locations approved by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority to refer homeowners facing foreclosure to Lakelaw for limited free assistance with mortgage woes.  They have a dedicated staff and value privacy.  They have specialists who speak Spanish as well, to ensure that nobody in the community should feel left out.

                When foreclosure looms, there are multiple options.  You can always dial 262-694-7300 and call us at Lakelaw to speak about using bankruptcy and legal defenses to foreclosure to fight the mortgage companies.  You can also call HRI and other counseling agencies to speak with trained specialists to discuss modifications, re-finances, and new rules that impact homeowners such as US Treasury Supplemental Directive 10-02 designed to ease the foreclosure crisis. 

                At Lakelaw, an agency dedicated to keep people in their homes instead of kicking them on the streets is a friend of ours and we are proud to support their tireless efforts.

                And Housing Resources, Inc. can refer you to Lakelaw where you can also get some free legal advice to help you address your mortgage problems, thanks to a grant from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Administration – WHEDA.  For more information about this program, visit


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