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Chapter 13 – The Best Debt Consolidation Deal Ever

Posted on Jul 18, 2010 in Chapter 13, Uncategorized

You see adds on TV – “Don’t Go Bankrupt – Use Debt Consolidation Instead.”  I’ve got news for you. Chapter 13 is the best debt consolidation deal ever.  Why?  Here’s why chapter 13 is your best bet for debt consolidation in Illinois or debt consolidation in Wisconsin

  1. You pay your disposable income for 3-5 years, no more than that.
  2. You pay no interest
  3. Your fees are limited to one attorneys fee and a small percentage to the chapter 13 trustee
  4. You get the benefit of the automatic stay
  5. All lawsuits stop
  6. All garnishments stop
  7. You can object to claims in chapter 13
  8. You can eliminate totally unsecured mortgages in chapter 13
  9. Unlike debt consolidation programs – most of which have been found by the FTC to be scams – chapter 13 is backed by the full faith and credit of United States Bankruptcy Courts.

If you want a real debt consolidation – go with chapter 13 and call Lakelaw today 1 866 LAKELAW (525-3529)


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