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Some Myths About Filing for Bankruptcy in Illinois or Wisconsin

Posted on Sep 12, 2010 in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are still on the rise in Illinois and Wisconsin. Because of price and experience variations among the numerous attorneys who file bankruptcy cases, many myths abound about bankruptcy lawyers.

Laweyrs Overcharge

Some lawyers do overcharge. Some lawyers, on the other hand, charge much less than their experience merits. Consumer bankruptcy is perhaps the lowest paying law field in terms of per client. Illinois bankruptcy lawyers and Wisconsin Bankruptcy attorneys rarely expect to charge more than $1,500 to $3,500  to a client who already lacks money. Where a DUI lawyer or an OWI attorney may cost you tens of thousands and a personal injury lawyer far more, many good Illinois bankruptcy lawyers and Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys charge very reasonable fees.

The Lawyer Has No Time

Maybe your lawyer doesn’t have enough time.  But we at Lakelaw always have enough time for you. WIf you hire the lowest priced lawyer, he or she is likely making money by taking on dozens of clients at a time. However, experienced Illinois bankruptcy lawyers and Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys like David Leibowitz, Ryan Blay who charge more often put much more effort into ensuring your bankruptcy succeeds, treating you with the care, kindness, courtesy, respect, professionalism and dedication you deserve.

Bankruptcy Is Easy

Bankruptcy law is not an easy field. It has changed much in recent years with so many more bankruptcies being filed, especially in Illinois and Wisconsin. True, it’s easier to represent a bankruptcy client than a murder suspect, but it still requires education, in court experience, and knowledge of the law.

Experience Does Not Matter

Experience counts. The more complex your bankruptcy case is, the harder it will be for your lawyer. A lawyer with 37 years bankruptcy experience in Illinois like David Leibowitz will know far more than a lawyer with less time in and out of court rooms. You sometime pay more for experience, but just like you want your doctor to be professional and experienced, so too do you want a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

You Need No Guidance

You can do it yourself, right?  Well I can change my oil but I wouldn’t try fixing my brakes.  You can get the point.   Filing bankruptcy is not like changing your oil.  It involves complexity you just can’t be expected to handle.  . If you fill out documentation wrong, it can cost you time. If you break laws knowingly, you can be charged with a  crime. If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, time is critical.

Bankruptcy Solves All Problems

Filing bankruptcy in Illinois  will not solve all your problems. It’s not always in your best interest. And a lawyer can only do so much.


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