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WE Energies No Longer Stops Disconnection Because of Chapter 128.21 Filings in Wisconsin

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Alternatives to Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Wisconsin

     Until recently, a homeowner or renter who fell behind with Wisconsin Electric/WE Energies in Wisconsin for gas and electric service could file an action under Section 128.21 of the Wisconsin Statutes to prevent a disconnection.
     The Chapter 128 filing is a common filing in Wisconsin and is an attractive alternative to bankruptcy in some cases. It is usually cheaper than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and very easy to file. All that is needed to begin is a petition asking the circuit court of the county of residence to accept the repayment plan. The plan will allow 36 months or less to repay a selected list of unsecured creditors (no car notes or mortgages) in full. It stops interest and fees from continuing and allows time to pay off debts without having to go into bankruptcy. It also creates an order preventing wage garnishments and other actions to collect on judgments.
     However, thanks to a recent ruling from a Milwaukee county judge, WE Energies is no longer required to accept this payment plan to prevent a disconnection. Instead, consumers will have to call in to WE’s toll-free number (800-843-4565) to set up payment arrangements to prevent their service from being shut off.
     §128.21 filings can still be appealing but may not be the solution when it comes to past due utilities. If you are a Wisconsin resident, you may be eligible. Please call us at (262) 694-7300 to discuss bankruptcy and Chapter 128 as options to solving financial crises, including outstanding utility bills.


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