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Celebrity Bankruptcy Filings

Posted on May 31, 2012 in Bankruptcy

People who file bankruptcy are experiencing hard times. Often they worry that they will not be able to pick themselves up and that their lives will never be the same. This is simply not the case for most people. Quite often, people who file for bankruptcy go on to have very successful financial lives. This is just a short list:


• Walt Disney—Before having an entertainment empire named after him, Mr. Disney was a simple entrepreneur trying to earn a living. He owned “Laugh-O-Gram Studios” which was an animation company in Kansas City. Unfortunately for Mr. Disney, Laugh-O-Gram did not work out and went into bankruptcy. Five years later, Mr. Disney introduced the world to Mickey Mouse and launched one of the most successful businesses ever.

• Donald Trump—Before he was firing people on TV, Mr. Trump found himself in financial difficulty…4 times! In 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009 Mr. Trump sought bankruptcy protection for his business in order to improve his chances of success moving forward. As anyone can see, Mr. Trump has used the bankruptcy system to reorganize his business finances and has been very successful, even considering a presidential run.

• Abraham Lincoln—Speaking of presidents and bankruptcy, it is not so commonly known that our 16th President once went through bankruptcy. Lincoln was an enterprising young business owner when things went bad for him and his partner. Because the small business could not be salvaged Lincoln was forced through bankruptcy. As you already know, he went on to become one of the country’s greatest presidents!

These three examples of people who went through bankruptcy show that bankruptcy is not an end point, but is instead a new beginning. The bankruptcy system provides hope to those who would not otherwise have a way out.  This includes former superstar athletes, Real Housewives, and politicians.  By using the bankruptcy system effectively, you too can get out of debt and move forward with your life.

This post was authored by Lakelaw asssociate Nicholas Strom

Edited June 22, 2012:

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