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My Chicago bankruptcy lawyer has been disbarred!! What do I do?

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 in Bankruptcy Ethics, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

You want to file your bankruptcy case right now.  Maybe you even found  If you did, your lawyer has a problem.  Your lawyer’s problem now is your problem. If your bankruptcy attorney has been disbarred, you may feel lost and abandoned. Perhaps you’ve paid a large fee.  But a disbarred lawyer can’t file your Chicago bankruptcy case.

It’s not right to charge you more for legal services than you agreed to pay.  A bankruptcy attorney must give you a contract which describes what he or she will do for you. And then he or she must perform these services.  There should be no extra charges for your bankruptcy case unless you agreed to them in writing. And a bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago should handle all normal aspects of your chapter 7 bankruptcy from start to finish for the agreed upon flat fee.

For most chapter 13 cases in the Northern District of Illinois, you’ll sign a form contract called the “Court Approved Retention Agreement.”  This is the only agreement allowed if your lawyer wants to receive a $4,000 flat fee for your chapter 13 case.  There can’t be any side deals or side agreements if your lawyer wants a $4,000 flat fee.

What can you do if your Chicago bankruptcy lawyer has been disbarred or convicted of a crime? You can find an ethical, competent, highly acclaimed Chicago bankruptcy attorney at Lakelaw. For example, David Leibowitz is board certified by the American Board of Certification as a consumer bankruptcy attorney and a business bankruptcy attorney even though this is not required to practice law in Illinois.  He has been retained as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases concerning consumer bankruptcy.  He chaired of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Consumer Bankruptcy Committee for two years.  Now he is coordinating editor of the Consumer Corner column of the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Journal. He has been selected to write on bankruptcy ethics by Bloomberg Law for its soon-to-be-published bankruptcy treatise.

If you have been victimized by a disbarred Chicago bankruptcy attorney, or an Chicago bankruptcy lawyer convicted of a crime, Lakelaw will take over your case at a reduced fee. And we’ll try to recover unearned fees for you too.

And as always, David Leibowitz will represent you with care, kindness, courtesy, respect, professionalism and dedication, just as he has for thousands of clients for almost 40 years.


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