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Why Is My Bankruptcy Lawyer Asking For All Of These Documents?

Posted on Apr 8, 2014 in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy procedures

Lawyers don’t like paperwork.  If we had a choice, we’d have a paper-free office.  But in our jobs, we need to be ready to show the right papers to the right people to be effective.

The Bankruptcy code says we have to give the trustee – the person overseeing a bankruptcy case – documents.  We ask for these papers because we can’t give a proper financial story without proof.  Paystubs to show a pay cut.  Tax returns to show a change in income from year to year.  Bank statements to prove that there were no unusual transfers or purchases before bankruptcy.  They let us do our job to tell your story.

We successfully represented our clients Jack and Janet in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  As part of the process, we had to ask for bank statements, mortgage documents, car titles, pay stubs, and tax returns.  The US Trustee, the government body that oversees bankruptcies, had a question about our client’s income situation.  They asked for more bank statements, pay stubs, and the most recent tax returns.  We gave them to the office and they determined we were right – our clients deserved a Chapter 7 discharge.  They got it.

Finding and keeping track of paperwork can be annoying.  But it may mean the difference between a bankruptcy being successful and being a nightmare.  Lakelaw will help go over your paperwork with you and work to make your bankruptcy successful.   Call 847-249-9100 or 262-694-7300 in Wisconsin, or e-mail us to see what we can do to make sure you have all the financial documents you need for a successful bankruptcy filing.


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