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About Us

Lakelaw is proud to be celebrating its 15th anniversary. From a tiny one-room office in Waukegan, Lakelaw now has offices from Chicago to Kenosha and has become a leading interstate bankruptcy boutique with strong capabilities in mortgage foreclosure defense and consumer protection. Our people have their feet on the ground. We identify with everyday people. We take great pleasure in advocating for their rights against powerful interests. Many of our lawyers used to work with big firms and represent big corporations. They can stand toe to toe with the best lawyers. We delight in providing you, our clients, with the same smart, excellent, cutting edge representation that the big banks get from their fancy pin-stripe lawyers in their fancy tall buildings.

At Lakelaw, you won’t find fancy offices. But you will find cutting edge lawyers using the latest technology. We are on top of our game and we have the courage to take on difficult cases other people won’t touch. Our Lakelaw team truly enjoys doing the work that they do every day. And we take the greatest pleasure in helping you achieve financial freedom.