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Lakelaw’s clients and staff reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Our clients come from all over the world representing just about every background and nationality imaginable. We hire the best people without regard to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin. We work together in harmony. We speak English and Spanish. We speak a few other languages too. If we don’t speak your language, we will get an interpreter to help us help you. We have served clients from every continent.

Diversity is not just a statement. It’s an attitude. We made our offices accessible to people with disabilities, even though our home office in Waukegan consists of two very old houses. Our opposing counsel, our clients’ adversaries, even judges represent a wide variety of people. Lakelaw’s diversity gives us the strength and background to allow us to understand and effectively deal with everyone with whom we come into contact. This allows us to do the very best for you, our client, without any friction.