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Instructions for chapter 7 debtor’s counsel or chapter 7 debtors filing pro se:

Documents must be submitted 7 days prior to the 341 meeting to Debtor’s counsel or debtors filing pro se should provide pay advices, tax returns or transcripts, and bank statements showing the balances in all financial accounts on the date of filing. See Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 4002(b)(2)(A).  Please be familiar with and ensure debtors’ compliance with Bankruptcy Code § 521 as well as Bankruptcy Rule 4002.

Mr. Leibowitz will ordinarily decline to hold a 341 meeting for debtors who do not comply with these requirements.

Trustee Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

David Leibowitz has served as a bankruptcy trustee for 25 years.   Lakelaw has served as his principal attorney for the past 15 years. As a result of this intensive and extensive trustee representation, Lakelaw attorneys have been called upon to represent other trustees. Lakelaw’s depth and breadth of experience qualifies the firm to represent any trustee in all but the most complex trustee cases.

In addition, Lakelaw has plenty of experience in related fiduciary matters such as assignments for the benefit of creditors, chapter 11 bankruptcy trusteeships or even creditors’ committees or Chapter 128 receiverships.