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Assignee for Benefit of Creditors

Assignee of Benefit of Creditors Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois & Wisconsin

The assignment for benefit of creditors is a time-honored common law process in Illinois which is frequently used to wind up and liquidate a corporation, partnership or limited liability company. A Chicago foreclosure lawyer from has successfully represented debtors in such assignments many times, frequently minimizing liability to the principals, stockholders, officers and directors of the debtor corporation. The Chicago bankruptcy attorney, David P. Leibowitz has 25 years of experience as a bankruptcy trustee that will serve you or your client well when you select him to serve as assignee for the benefit of creditors in your situation.

In addition, Lakelaw can organize an assignment for the benefit of creditors to arrange for the orderly and favorably close out of your business, frequently avoiding or minimizing personal liability to you, the principal of the former business. In this instance, Lakelaw’s attorneys may be able to best serve the interest of the company by serving as attorney for the assignee.

Ask David Leibowitz or Jonathan Brand how an assignment for the benefit of creditors can help you and your business deal with financial stress.