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Chicago Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law in Chicago requires considerable local knowledge and experience. The bankruptcy court for Chicago is the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois. There are 11 bankruptcy judges who hear cases in this court, ten of whom sit in Chicago and one of whom sits in Rockford. If your case is to be filed in Chicago, you never know who your judge is going to be until the case is filed. There are more than 20 trustees to whom your chapter 7 case could be assigned and 2 trustees to whom your chapter 13 case could be assigned. In order for anyone to effectively represent you in your Chicago Bankruptcy Case, your lawyer has to know the judges and trustees to whom your case might be assigned and their particular preferences. Sometimes, the Chicago Bankruptcy Judges will interpret the same law differently – so it’s important to have an attorney with the experience and judgment to know how to work with your judge and the trustee assigned to your case.

If you live in an outlying county, your case will be assigned to a particular judge serving that county as well as one of just a few trustees who handles cases in that area. Again, it’s vital that you hire an attorney who knows and gets along with the judge and trustee to whom your case is assigned. Lakelaw’s attorneys regularly practice throughout the Northern District of Illinois including Rockford. They have the knowledge of local practices as well as the particular preferences and tendencies of all of the judges and trustees. They have the experience needed to have gained the respect of the court and the trustees. Don’t ask us. Ask any of our competitors.

Two Lakelaw attorneys have served on the Bench-Bar Liaison Committee for the Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Illinois. And another Lakelaw attorney serves on the Advisory Board for the annual American Bankruptcy Institute Consumer Bankruptcy Conference along with several of the sitting bankruptcy judges in Chicago.