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Chicago Foreclosure Law

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Chicago Foreclosure cases are handled in the Cook County Circuit Court, Chancery Division. Ask anyone, this is not a venue which is friendly to homeowners. The chancery judges are overwhelmed with cases. They really don’t have as much time as they would like to hear your case. We have appeared for hundreds of debtors in foreclosure cases. We have negotiated deeds in lieu of foreclosure and consent judgments of foreclosure without deficiency. We have negotiated keys for cash. We have negotiated modification agreements. And we have negotiated substantial settlements in cases where there has been extreme abuse by the mortgage lender. We are courageous and tenacious. We will fight for your rights. We know which judges will be prejudiced against you and we will avoid them to the fullest extent permitted by law.

If you want to get anything accomplished in Chicago, you have to know your way around. When it comes to Chicago Mortgage Foreclosures, Lakelaw knows its way around the courthouse. And if you’re not sure, ask our clients and ask our competitors. Lakelaw also actively defends foreclosure cases in all of Chicago’s collar counties including Lake, DuPage, Will and McHenry Counties. We have even been as far afield as Iroquois and Kankakee County, Illinois. David Leibowitz was instrumental in establishing the Lake County Illinois foreclosure help desk and won the prestigious Liberty Bell Award from the court for his role in doing so.