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Wisconsin Foreclosure Defense

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Lakelaw is a leader in Wisconsin mortgage foreclosure defense.  Lakelaw was the only private law firm in Wisconsin chosen by WHEDA, the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Commission to participate in a mortgage help project at the height of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

WHEDA director, Antonio Riley, said this about Lakelaw:

“Lakelaw and Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee have been amazing partners throughout this process. Through their efforts approximately 300 Wisconsin families faced with foreclosure will be able to work with a highly skilled law professional to help save their homes.”

David Leibowitz has been quoted as an expert in mortgage foreclosure in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on many occasions.  And Ryan Blay has been successful on a 2014 appeal to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals involving a mortgage foreclosure case.

Here are some things you need to know about mortgage foreclosures in Wisconsin:

  • You absolutely, positively, have to respond to the initial complaint within 20 days of the date it is served upon you.  Don’t plan on getting extensions of time. Never ignore a summons.  You can lose very important substantive rights if you fail to meet this deadline.
  •  You can answer, raise affirmative defenses and even counterclaims under both state and federal law.
  •  The court will set up an initial scheduling conference after you file your answer, affirmative defense or other pleading.
  •  You will have the chance to discover facts which might allow you to defend against the foreclosure.
  •  The plaintiff will have to prove that it has the right to foreclose.  If it is in possession of the original note, it may not matter that the plaintiff never got an assignment of the mortgage.  If it is not in possession of the original note, the plaintiff may have difficulty proving its case.
  •  You can seek mortgage modification while you are in the course of defending a foreclosure
  •  You have the right to seek remedies in the Bankruptcy Court under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  •  Mortgage foreclosure defense is not free – you’ll have to pay attorneys’ fees.  We believe that the benefits of foreclosure defense usually outweigh the costs.

There’s more to know. But Lakelaw can help you.  Call Ryan Blay at 262-694-7300 to set up a free initial consultation.  Do it today before it’s too late.