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Consumer Protection

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Lakelaw represents people in consumer protection cases. The Chicago consumer protection lawyers at Lakelaw represent people throughout Chicagoland, in Cook, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane, Will and even Kendall County against abusive banks, collection agencies, and credit reporting agencies. Our Wisconsin consumer protection attorneys stand up for families and small businesses throughout Southeast Wisconsin, from Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha clear up to Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Oconomowoc and even Green Bay.

Fighting Abusive Debt Collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Lakelaw sues abusive debt collectors in Illinois and Wisconsin. We stop debt collectors from calling you all day long. We sue debt collectors if they tell your friends, co-workers or employers that they are trying to collect debts from you. It is embarrassing and even hurtful to your reputation when debt collectors harass you at work. We sue debt collectors if they try to call you too early in the day or too late at night. We sue debt collectors if they abuse you, call you names, threaten you with taking or assets or putting you in jail if you don’t pay your debts. If you feel like a debt collector has harassed, mistreated or abused you, fight back. We can sue debt collectors under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You pay us only if we win. All you need to pay is the filing fee. We can recover damages and even attorneys’ fees. So don’t sit back and take it. Let the consumer advocates at Lakelaw fight for you.

Fighting Abusive Creditors under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The New York Times recently reported that even a minor medical bill on your credit report could keep you from getting a mortgage on the home you want to buy. If you don’t owe the money, the credit report must be fixed. Blemishes to your credit can’t stay on your report forever. Improper credit reporting is against the law. False credit reporting illegally hurts your reputation. It costs you nothing to get a credit report. Visit It costs you nothing to allow the consumer protection attorneys at Lakelaw to review your credit report. We will show you how to challenge improper and inaccurate credit reports. If you have a case, we will sue the offending creditors under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. You pay nothing unless we win. All you need to pay is the court filing fee. The Fair Credit Reporting Act can help you restore your good credit and may even result in your recovery of damages and even attorneys’ fees.

Fighting Robocalls under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

If you get annoying telephone calls on your cell phone – not even from a human being – but from a machine – we’ve got news for you. This might be illegal. You may be able to sue the annoying companies that invade your privacy, interrupt your intimate moments, and irritate you and your family.

The Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act is here to help you and the consumer advocates at Lakelaw can help you. They might even be able to file a class action on your behalf and everyone else who suffered along with you.

Calls which are covered by this law include robocalls, autodialed calls or automated text messages to your cell phone. All such calls to your cell phone are covered unless they are for non-commercial information purposes, for example, a robocall from your municipality telling that schools are closed or to boil your water. All such calls to your cell phone are covered unless you specifically consent to receive them.

If you don’t consent to receiving robocalls, autodialed calls or automated text messages and get them anyway, call us at Lakelaw right away. We can sue to stop robocalls. We can sue to recover damages and attorneys’ fees.