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Confidential No Obligation Questionnaire

If you have business or personal debts and would like us to evaluate you for a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can complete our on-line bankruptcy interview by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Social Security Number — Secure Link: Your social security number is requested to identify you and to distinguish you from other clients and prospective clients with similar names. All information provided to us will be treated as privileged and held in the strictest confidence. If you don’t have a social security number, you can use an ITIN – Individual Tax Identification Number. Never use somebody else’s social security number or a social security number you may have obtained other than through the Social Security Administration.

Why are we asking you all these questions?

Under the Bankruptcy Code, all debtors must provide a lot of information about their assets, their debts, and their financial history. Disclose where you live. Tell us how long you’ve lived there. Tell us what you made for the past three years and what debts you paid recently. Tell us about any pending lawsuits against anybody and even any claims you might have. Tell us about all of your businesses and accounting. Tell us about any unusual transactions you’ve had in the past two years.

We need to know all this information so we can give you proper legal advice. This is just like telling a doctor all your symptoms and giving a complete medical history so you can get a proper diagnosis.

Don’t feel embarrassed. Everything you tell us is privileged and confidential. Be completely truthful in your bankruptcy case. If you are not, you may not get your bankruptcy discharge. You could be subject to large fines or even criminal prosecution!

Be completely open and honest with your bankruptcy attorney. If you are, we can offer you the best advice and representation in your bankruptcy case, whether it’s under chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

At Lakelaw, your initial meeting will be with an attorney. When you hire Lakelaw to serve as your bankruptcy attorneys, a particular lawyer will be assigned to your case. This lawyer will always know everything which need to be known about your case. You always have the ability to contact David Leibowitz, the managing member of the firm, if you ever have any specific questions or concerns about your case.

Of course, attorney-client confidentiality covers everything which you tell us about yourself and your situation in the on-line questionnaire. Congratulations on taking the first steps to financial freedom and look forward to helping you get to the fresh start you need and deserve.

Bankruptcy Form

Please note that for security purposes, each prospective client receives a personalized email with instructions to access the online questionnaire. These invitations are sent by a Client Services Representative during our normal business hours: Monday – Friday, from 9am-5pm. If you do not receive your invitation, please check your spam folder or give us a call at (866) LAKELAW.