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Chapter 7

Chicago Chapter 7 Lawyer

Do you want experienced and capable bankruptcy attorneys?

Our Lakelaw bankruptcy team has handled well over 20,000 chapter 7 bankruptcy cases as attorneys and trustee.

We appear before and know all the bankruptcy judges in Chicago bankruptcy courts. We’ve “seen it all” when it comes to chapter 7 cases in Illinois.

Even if your bankruptcy case is unique, we’ve solved problems just like yours.

If you make less than the median income for a family of your size, you can file a chapter 7 to get rid of or “discharge” most of your debts.

You can keep your car if you keep your car payments up to date. If you own your car free and clear, you can still keep it in chapter 7 if we can protect it with exemptions.

You can keep your house if you can keep your mortgage up to date. If you are fighting a foreclosure in state court, you’ll be able to carry on the foreclosure defense after you file for bankruptcy under chapter 7. If you have a mortgage modification before bankruptcy, it will still be valid after you file for bankruptcy.

Even if you make more than the median income, you may still be eligible for chapter 7. At Lakelaw, our dedicated chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Chicago will do a personalized means-test analysis for you. If you “pass the means test” you could file chapter 7. The advantage of a filing a chapter 7 in Chicago is that you can complete your bankruptcy case in about 4 to 6 months. You won’t have to pay monthly installments to your creditors. You’ll probably have just one meeting with you chapter 7 trustee. And you’ll meet with your personal Lakelaw lawyer in advance of that meeting so you’ll be comfortable and prepared. Another advantage of chapter 7 bankruptcy compared to chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you most probably will not have to make any appearances in bankruptcy court or before a judge.

If your debts are not primarily consumer debts, you may be eligible to file a chapter 7 case even if you otherwise would not qualify under the Means Test. Consumer debts include credit card debts for household items and expenses as well as your home mortgage and student loans. It does not include business debts or taxes. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is frequently available to people who have had business failure or who have investment real estate in foreclosure.

Chapter 7 lets you to get rid most all of your debts fast. The key is that you have to be eligible to file bankruptcy under chapter 7. We’ll do our best to establish your eligibility for chapter 7 if you want to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

And the very best thing about chapter 7 bankruptcy is that it almost always costs less than chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Find the Right Lawyer for your chapter 7 case.

Our clients and even fellow attorneys are our best references. When bankruptcy under chapter 7 is the only way out, you need a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago whom you can trust. At Lakelaw, we will help you find the right options and decide if chapter 7 is right for you. We know how hard it can be to deal with financial stress. Lakelaw will do whatever the law allows to make chapter 7 bankruptcy possible for you.

Get started on your chapter 7 case right now. Call Lakelaw at 312 360 1501 to set up your first appointment.   Then get started with Lakelaw’s unique “Four Steps to Financial Freedom”™ online bankruptcy process – it’s free!

Frequently asked questions about choosing the right lawyer

Are you licensed to practice in Illinois?

All of our attorneys are licensed to practice in Illinois. David Leibowitz has been practicing in Illinois since 1974.


Are your bankruptcy lawyers recognized in the field?

Our attorneys have been invited to speak at major conferences including the Chicago Consumer Bankruptcy Conference of the American Bankruptcy Institute. David Leibowitz is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Bankruptcy Institute and previously was a member of the board of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees. David is a member of the Advisory Board for the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Chicago Consumer Bankruptcy Conference. He has been invited to speak at State Bar conferences around the nation as well as at the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys annual convention.

Justin Storer has served on the Bench-Bar Liaison Committee for the bankruptcy court in Chicago. He’s spoken at the Chicago Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Committee. Our bankruptcy attorneys have published articles on the subject in the American Bankruptcy Journal and other professional journals.

David Leibowitz has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” and Jonathan, Carrie, Justin and Ryan all have been recognized as “Rising Stars” by the Super Lawyer publication.

David and Justin are board certified by the American Board of Certification.

Will I have my own lawyer?

Yes. You will have one lawyer who is responsible for your case from start to finish. However, other lawyers may be assigned to handle particular aspects of your case as necessary. You will always be able to “go to” your assigned attorney. You will always have access to our senior attorneys and managing attorneys as necessary to handle your matter.

Are your lawyers well qualified?

All of our consumer bankruptcy lawyers are either board certified as consumer bankruptcy attorneys or in the process of obtaining this certification with the American Board of Certification. Board certification is not recognized or a requirement to practice law in Illinois. The Bankruptcy Code also recognizes board certification as a consideration with respect to professional fees. If you have any doubts about our qualifications, please ask any of our competitors.